Colombia’s Olympians welcomed home as heroes

Colombia’s Olympic team was welcomed back to their home country Wednesday with great enthusiasm after competing in the London 2012 Olympics.

As promised, President Juan Manuel Santos greeted the athletes as heroes as they returned to Colombia from the summer Olympics to be honored in the country’s capital Bogota. Santos was very passionate as he emphasized the importance of the unity of the country and how the athletes have helped bring the people of Colombia together.

“Your triumphs, won with such sacrifice, have been turned into triumphs of Colombia, and we all feel as if they are our own,” said Santos in his speech.

The country performed above expectation by breaking its old three-medal record and bringing home eight medals total. The Colombian athletes ended up at the 38th spot of the final country ranking, beating all other Latin American countries except for Brazil and Cuba. The Colombian athletes brought home one gold, three silver and four bronze medals.

The medal winners were brought to the presidential palace where they were praised for their incredible efforts in the games. Santos addressed each Olympian individually to thank them and congratulate them on the medals that they won.

“We are going to ask the advice of Mariana, so that we can create the best BMX track of Latin America in Medellin, and this track will have the name of Mariana Pajon Londoño’s Track,” Santos said as he addressed the gold medal-winner. After addressing each of the champions, Santos then gave homage to all of their families who helped the athletes reach where they are today.

The president concluded his speech with a grateful exclamation, “thank you, Colombian athletes, for reaffirming the faith in all of us! Thank you for reminding us that, with hard work and a positive attitude, nobody can stop Colombia!”

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