Colombia’s new labor minister promises decent, dignified work

Colombia’s newly appointed labor minister said Tuesday that it is clear that what Colombians need is decent and dignified work within the country, according to an interview with Caracol Radio.

The new Labor Minister Rafael Pardo, previous director of the Liberal Party, said “there are currently 14 million Colombians who work informally and precariously on a daily basis, which indicates that the ministry is not just about jobs, but it must also have a social value, dealing with other issues that affect the citizenship.”

The new minister was appointed by President Juan Manuel Santos on Monday to the country’s newly formed Labor Ministry and will be officially sworn in as minister at the beginning of next week.

Pardo claims that as minister he will always have his doors open and that he will do his best to ensure that people have decent work, employment stability, and dignity at their work places.

He also noted that the new labor ministry will work from the same place as the Office of Social Protection.

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