Colombia’s murder rate lowest in 26 years: Police

The Colombian National Police announced Monday that the country’s 2011 homicide rate is the lowest in 26 years.

In 2011 Colombia experienced 13,520 murders, which is the lowest since 1984 when that number equaled 10,745. Given that Colombia’s population has increased over the past 26 years, the homicide rate (100,000 per capita) is much lower today than in the early eighties.

Last year there were 14,064 reported homicides representing a decline in violent deaths by 544. The numbers for this year include 25 murders that were reported across the country on December 24, and the first three hours of the 25th.

Since 2002, the State has been increasing its security presence and control in at-risk areas, which has been partially responsible for the decrease in homicides. The elimination of paramilitary groups like the AUC have also been attributed to the lower rates.

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