Colombia’s 2nd round election clashes with soccer World Cup

Colombia’s second round presidential election is scheduled to take place on the same day as three World Cup soccer games, including a match between the top two qualifying teams from South America.

Some of the competition’s best squads will be playing that day, which could possibly decrease voter turnout. Brazil has a game against the Ivory Coast, Paraguay will be squaring off against Slovakia, and Italy will be taking on New Zealand.

The three games will be the second games played by each team in their respective first-round divisions, meaning that the games could possibly contain teams on the brink of elimination from the tournament.

In particular, Paraguay and Italy are in the same division, group F. Their first game of the tournament is against each other, and it could determine whether they advance to the second round.

Due to the fact that no candidate received a majority vote in Colombia’s first round election last Sunday, the two most voted-for candidate, Juan Manuel Santos and Antanas Mockus, will face-off in a second round on June 20.

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