Colombian wants court to end investigation of congressmen

A Colombian citizen Tuesday asked the Supreme Court to call off the investigation against 86
Representatives of the House who voted in favor of the referendum that
seeks the re-election of President Alvaro Uribe.

An opposition
Representative had sued his colleagues for allegedly illegally
approving the bill.

Rafael Guarin told La W that he called on the court to recognize the inviolability of the congressmen and to let them vote on the referendum freely.

Guarin claims that the investigation affects the fundamental right to participate in politics of those who seek the re-election of Uribe.

The Court is investigating the complaint of Polo Democratico Representative German Navas Talero, who says 86 coalition Representatives of the
House committed a crime by voting in favor of the referendum, while they knew
the bill didn’t meet the legal requirements to be passed.

opposition lawmaker claims the bill could not have been passed legally,
while the country’s Electoral Council was investigating alleged fraud
in the financing of an earlier referendum that demanded a popular vote
on the constitutional change.

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