Colombian star Fonseca releases second single from multi-platinum album

Colombian singing sensation Fonseca has released new single “Eres mi Sueño” (You are my Dream) from his multi-platinum fourth album, reports newspaper El Espectador.

“Illusion”, Fonseca’s first album under Sony, has already sold 80,000 copies since being released on September 30, sending it quadruple platinum.

The album was co-produced by celebrated Colombian composer Bernardo Ossa, and Venezuelan-American producer Andres Levin.The producers are hoping the new single follows in the footsteps of the album’s first, “Desde que no estas” (Since You’ve been Gone), the music video for which was released last week.

Sony’s promotional campaign for the album has made extensive use of social network sites including Facebook and Twitter, on which Fonseca has more than one million followers.

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