Falcao orders political use of his image to stop

Colombia striker Radamel Falcao issued a statement on Monday chastising political candidates who have used of his image in their propaganda for the upcoming congressional elections in March.

The announcement from the injured forward came after a congressional candidate in Bogota from the Citizen Option (Opcion Ciudadana – OC) party, Jorge Franco, prolifically used images of Falcao in his national yellow jersey to show his support for youth fitness said national media.

Falcao, however, has had enough of being used as a political prop saying in the statement “Once again I want to demonstrate to everyone that I do not support any political party nor political candidate for congress.”

“Whoever has used my name and image has done so without my permission” continued the agitated soccer player.  “If immediate rectifications are not made I will begin to initiate legal actions.”

Newspaper El Universal reported that Falcao’s image was also used by the conservative party in November 2013 elections in the city of Bucaramanga without his permission which prompted a similar response from “El Tigre,” as he is known across the South American nation.

Franco also used images of the Colombian cyclist and Olympic medalist Mariana Pajon who consequently issued a similarly angry statement contending that she supports no political party and that political candidates are not authorized to use her image.


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