Colombian prosecutor orders ‘Alfonso Cano’s’ assets to be expropriated

A Colombian prosecutor ordered the seizure and expropriation of nearly $400,000 Wednesday that was confiscated from ex-FARC leader “Alfonso Cano,” who was killed in a military operation November 4.

A prosecutor from the National Unity against Money Laundering and Domain Confiscation Rights decreed the expropriation of the confiscated funds, which had been placed under Colombia’s anti-narcotics agency.

The cash consisted of various currencies divided into COP242,750,000; $135,200; and €17,500, which added up to a total of $398,558.

Neither the Colombian government nor media stated where the money was to be redistributed.

Cano was killed during the Colombian Army campaign known as Operation Odysseus in the municipality of Suarez, Cauca. Along with his money, computers and USB drives were seized as well has his trademark thick glasses.

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