Colombian police arrest ‘Los Paisas’ leader

Colombian authorities arrested Argemino Aguirre Montes alias “Camilo,” who is believed to be the leader of the “Los Paisas” drug trafficking organization in the northern Cordoba department.

Camilo is believed to be responsible for the massacre of six people, including one minor in the town of Buenavista, Cordoba. Authorities had linked the massacre to a bloody turf war between Los Paisas and rival drug trafficking gangs “Los Urabeños.”

Police had hoped that the arrest of a Los Paisas gang member a few hours prior to the massacre could shed light on the gruesome incident. They have not indicated if Camilo’s arrest is linked to that of his fellow gang member.

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe commented on the arrest and vowed that in his last week as president, the armed forces would do everything possible to track down as many criminals as possible.

Uribe added that the pursuit of criminals in Colombia will not abate when President-elect Juan Manuel Santos takes office on August 7.

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