Colombian national team remains in Bogotá

The Colombian national team will continue to use Bogotá as host city
for its World Cup qualifying matches, or at least the upcoming game
with Bolivia. Manager Eduardo Lara expressed an interest in using
Barranquilla, but that option was rejected by the country’s FA.

Colombia has used Bogotá for all of its World Cup 2010 home matches so far, which has left the other usual host city, Barranquilla, unused.

The FA now states that the coastal town’s stadium does not meet requirements for such international games, which means that the national team shouldn’t be expected to appear there anytime soon.

The situation is different in Medellín and Manizales, where venues are said to meet these requirements.

As such, the FA will decide ahead of each game which city is to host that match. Bogotá has been selected for the match with Bolivia, but the team could well play its remaining games elsewhere.

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