Colombian ‘model turned druglord’ could go free

An Argentine judge will decide whether to free Colombian former model Angie Sanclemente, who is currently in prison and facing charges of running an international drug trafficking ring.

The former model and beauty queen again pleaded innocent before Judge Rafael Caputo. She is currently being held in a prison on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, reports EPA.

Caputo will decide whether to proceed with the case or dismiss it for lack of evidence

Before the court, Sanclemente denied accusations that she was the person, referred to by the code name “Diamond,” whose voice was recorded in intercepted telephone calls discussing drug trafficking operations.

The model’s story is currently being made into a telenovela, to be titled “La diosa coronada,” or “The Crowned Goddess.” Model Carolina Guerra is in talks over the starring role.

An international arrest warrant was issued in February against the Colombian, a former winner of the Coffee Queen pageant. After being on the run for several months, Sanclemente was captured in Buenos Aires in May. She claims that she was framed for the crime by drug traffickers related to her boyfriend.

Sanclemente is said to have been seeing a Mexican drug lord known as “The Monster” but to have left him at the end of last year to form her own cocaine-smuggling gang.

Since then she had allegedly been heading a complex operation, where women, who were told to look “nice, but not flashy,” would catch flights to various locations once every 24 hours carrying a load of the illegal drug.

Sanclemente’s drug syndicate was exposed when one of her 21-year-old “angels” was found carrying 55kg of cocaine in her suitcase at Buenos Aires airport.

Sanclemente has continuously maintained her innocence.

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