Colombian model Marcela Catherine Posada Carrillo (29) dies of a stroke

Posada and a few of her friends had attended a party in the Plaza Mayor with friends. According to her friend, model Gabriel Jose Macias, Posada started complaining of a strong headache after which friends gave her aceminophen, a painkiller and fever reducer. Around 5 ‘o clock in the morning the model fainted and was taken to the El Rosiario hospital in El Poblado.The Antioquian model regained conciousness in the hospital, Macias says, but then suffered a stroke and slipped into a coma. She died shortly after that.The cause of the model’s death in under investigation by the Institute of Forensic Medicin. Friends say they had warned Posada earlier about her excessive working out schedule. She is said to have spent four hours a day in the gym, working out hard.Friends and family of the model buried her in a dicrete ceremony last Sunday.

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