Colombian spy agents barred from service for wiretapping Supreme Court

Colombia’s Inspector General on Wednesday barred two intelligence officials involved in the illegal wiretapping of the Supreme Court from service for 20 years.

William Gabriel Romero Sanchez and Martha Liliana Alarcon, alias “Mata Hari” were both deemed guilty by the country’s administrative authority.

Romero was the human resources sub-director of the now dismantled DAS intelligence agency. Alarcon was a detective in the same agency.

The two now join the growing number of former president Alvaro Uribe officials who have been convicted for involvment in the DAS wiretap scandal, which lead the dismantling of the organization.

Romero and Alarcon were convicted on five seperate charges.

  1. Invasion of privacy and the personal sphere of Supreme Court magistrates.
  2. Violation of the intelligence database.
  3. Using their position for un-official activities.
  4. Increasing personal wealth in an unjustifiable manner.
  5. Abuse of authority.

According to the Prosecutor for Administrative Oversight Fernando Brito, “the accused illegally collected the magistrates’ personal information to deliver to DAS and the Presidency.”

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