Colombian film wins award at Berlin Film Festival

A film by Colombian director Oscar Ruiz de Navia won the International Federation of Film Critics’ award at this year’s Berlin Film Festival, and as a result will be screened as part of next year’s event, reports El Espectador.

Ruiz de Navia’s debut film, named “Crab Trap,” tells the story of a man trapped in a small town of La Barra on the coast of Colombia, struggling to overcome a crisis in his life, and hoping to find a boat to take him permanently out of the country. The film offers insight into the human condition, as well as a commentary on the day-to-day lives of those living in the community.

On accepting the award, the 27-year-old Cali-born director thanked the members of the La Barra community who had participated in the making of the film.

He also expressed his gratitude at receiving international recognition, saying “I hope that this will help us with the distribution of the film and that it encourages the appreciation of Colombian film in Europe.”

The award-winning film will be released in Colombia on March 12 and will also be entered in the Cartagena Film Festival later this month.

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