Colombian comedienne La Nena Jimenez dies in hospital

Legendary Colombian comedienne and actress La Nena Jimenez passed away in a hospital near Bogota this morning.

Born in Medellin, La Nena Jimenez began her media career in 1969 and became the host of “Discos Fuentes.” She rose to international stardom as she toured the world with the label, performing in New York, Miami, Canada, England, Spain and beyond, to great acclaim. She also made a number of memorable performances on international programs such as “El Show de Cristina,” “Sabado Gigante” and “Don Francisco Presenta.”

She spent her final difficult years alongside her dear son Juan Esteban. She had suffered hip problems and her famous quick wit had been dulled with the tragic onset of Alzheimer’s.

Despite a hugely successful career, Rosa Helena also suffered financial difficulties in later life, as she received very few of the royalties from her many performances.

Nena Jimenez was a pioneering comedienne, who’s unflinching, risque approach shocked and entertained audiences throughout the world.

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