Colombian cinema is “a diamond in the rough”

Spanish film producers are excited to collaborate with Colombia, calling it a “diamond in the rough” for film making in Latin America.

The First Meeting of Producers Madrid-Colombia organized by the Colombian Embassy in Spain and the Madrid Film Commission was held Thursday in Madrid to boost co-production between the two countries reported El Espectador.

Organizers of the meeting highlighted tax benefits from the Colombian Film Act of 2003 as well as the rich artistic and technical resources the Andean nation has to offer as reasons to collaborate with Colombia.

Technical director of the Madrid Film Commission, Manuel Soria, said that Colombia is, “the diamond in the rough of Latin American cinema.”

Colombian Ambassador to Spain, Orlando Sardi de Lima, expressed his desire for the two countries to collaborate cinematically and pointed out that Colombia “has natural sites that are unequalled that could serve as scenes and sites for filming, ranging from virgin beaches to amazon jungles to grand cities and cultural and historical centers.” He also mentioned the country’s “quality study programs at a world class competitive level.”

Colombian film and television has become more creative over the years, breaking away from the standard mold of drug trafficking flicks into clever “dramedies” such as the television series “Betty la Fea” which was converted into the hit ABC series, “Ugly Betty.”

According to Michael Ruben of Dinamo Films, “The film industry is globalized but very saturated and co-production is the best road to produce today.” Organizers say both countries will benefit from creative collaborations.

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