Colombian beauty queen heads to Miss World Tourism 2011

Colombian cutie Derly Vanegas Hurtado, who hails from the Amazon region of Caqueta, is this year’s Miss Colombia in the Miss World Tourism  2011 pageant held in Istanbul, Turkey from September 21-October 2.

The event is intended to promote the tourism marvels present in the participating countries, where each ambassador- in addition to her own physical beauty- will be exhibiting the geography, culture, history, and folklore of their nation. This year more than 50 countries will be participating.

Colombia has already won three crowns in the Miss World Tourism competition, in 1988 with Lucia Margarita Brun, in 1992 with Maria Jose Barraza, and last in 1993 with beauty Lina Maria Chedraui.

Hurtado is a Psychology gradate from the Universidad Nacional Abierta y a la Distancia (UNAD), and measures 5 feet 6 inches. When she is not busy showcasing her talents and beauty in national pageants, Hurtado enjoys spending her spare time biking and horseback riding.

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