Police seize 1.5 tons cocaine in central Colombia drug lab

Colombian police confiscated 1.5 tons of cocaine Tuesday from a cocaine laboratory suspected to belong to left wing guerrilla group FARC and a paramilitary criminal gang.

The laboratory, located in a town called Acacias in the central Colombian department of Meta, was found during a combined operation by Colombia’s National Police, Air Force, and Anti-Narcotics Directorate (Diran).

According to the Diran, the laboratory, which comprised of four wooden buildings, was capable of producing up to 2 tons of the illegal drug every month.

In addition to the cocaine found, about three tons of chemicals used in the production of the drug were also confiscated in the raid.

The Diran claimed that the laboratory belonged to the 53rd front of the FARC and the paramilitary criminal gang known as the Popular Revolutionary Anti-Terrorist Army of Colombia (ERPAC).

According to Diran, about 1,059 similar drug production laboratories have been discovered and seized in the past year.

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