Colombia, US discuss military aid

Colombia’s Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon on Tuesday began three days of meetings with U.S. officials to discuss military aid.

Pinzon has met with military officials at the Pentagon and plans to meet with State Department and Department of Defense officials.

In closed door meetings Colombia’s defense minister will address Washington’s future commitment to Plan Colombia and the security role of Colombia in Central America and the Caribbean.

Plan Colombia is a series of U.S. legislations aimed at combating Colombian cocaine production and Colombian left-wing insurgents.

U.S. President Barack Obama has presented a 2013 fiscal budget that cut U.S. military spending in Colombia funding by 15%.

Pinzon is expected to urge U.S. officials to continue fully funding his country’s fight against drug trafficking and rebel groups.

Often controversial, Plan Colombia has been criticized for being ineffective and for contributing to human rights violations in Colombia.

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