Colombia soldier and policeman killed by guerrillas in 48 hours

(Photo: El

Over the past two days, one Colombian soldier and one policeman have been reportedly killed by different guerrilla groups.

Colombia’s Armed Forces reported on Monday that a soldier of the Special Forces of Quiron was killed in a terrorist attack on Sunday night in the state of Arauca, north-east Colombia.

An explosive device was reportedly planted by members of the ELN – Colombia’s second biggest rebel group – and detonated while troops were performing a military inspection of the area around the Los Colonizadores airport in the municipality of Saravena.

The Ernesto Che Guevara group of the ELN is considered responsible for the killing of soldier Ronald Rodriguez Ríos, from the state of Tolima.

Three more explosive devices were found at the urban location – which is supposedly well travelled-through by the general public — and were disposed of by the military and police.

On Monday, Colombian authorities reported the death of a policeman following an attack in the Pacific region of Choco by the country’s biggest rebel group – the FARC – in which another patrol officer was also injured.

A military patrol was ambushed while on a highway leading to Mandinga airport in the municipality of Condoto, during which agent Jefferson Copete Henao was killed and officer Davinson Cuesta Romaña was wounded.

The FARC rebels had reportedly been hiding in the forest and escaped back into the vegetation after the attack.


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