Colombia sends 16.5 tons of aid to Haiti

Aircrafts carrying 16.5 tons of humanitarian aid from Colombia reached Haiti this weekend, announced Colombia’s interior and justice minister, Fabio Valencia Cossio.

The planes, which took off from the Catam military base near Bogota, were loaded principally with food and medicine.

“We foresee that in the next ten days we will send 3,000 tons of aid to the country. To date we have sent the Haitian community 201 tons of aid, both food and not, benefiting 10,546 families – that is to say, 52,730 people,” said Valencia Cossio.

The minister also said that an ARC Buenaventura cargo ship has set sail for the island carrying 423 tons of aid and 80 people, including members of the Red Cross. The vessel is expected to reach Haiti on Wednesday.

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