Colombia Reports’ free weekly newsletter returns

Colombia Reports’ newsletter is back, allowing you to keep up with Colombia’s most important stories of the week.

We were able to resume the newsletter thanks to a long-term commitment of LatAm Prime Farmland Investment, an investment firm specialized in agriculture, to cover the cost of the weekly brief.

The return of the newsletter is the last of a series of innovations we were able to carry out mainly because of readers’ voluntary contributions.

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Since my call for voluntary support less than a month ago, the response has been truly overwhelming.

The increasing financial support of our readers has allowed us to implement a number of new features we didn’t even expect to be able to implement this quickly.

In just three weeks, we’ve been able to increase our server capacity, restore the comments section and the newsletter, and create a Whatsapp news alert service.

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Additionally, we’ve created a hotline to the newsroom for “good friends” and news organizations, and have been able to open up our data collection for “best friends” and foreign news outlets.

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Meanwhile, our dependence on advertising revenue is slowly but surely replaced by the voluntary reader contributions, which increasingly allows us to report independently, responding to no-one but our readers.

The only innovations left on our current wish list are a mobile app fit for both Android and iOS and the gradual diminishing of advertisement on the website.

But, considering the support we have received this seems to be nothing but a matter of time.

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