Colombia will adopt Europe’s digital TV standard

Colombia will proceed with its adoption of the European digital televisions standard DVB, Minister of Information and Communications Technologies Diego Molano said Wednesday, reports Caracol Radio.

The minister said that it is technically and economically best for Colombia to use the European technology for digital television. “We have the chance to strengthen the digital content industry and have the whole European market at our feet,” he explained.

In November, Molano warned that although Colombia was interested in the European system, without financial aid it might rethink its decision and look at alternatives such as those offered by the United States, Japan and Brazil.

The South American country had hoped to receive €30 million ($39.3 million) over the course of four years from the E.U. to implement the system in Colombia. A disagreement between the nations of the E.U. delayed the decision about the budget, and without the financial aid Colombia said it would look at alternatives offered in the United States, Japan and Brazil.

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