Lonely Planet, NY Times name Colombia a top travel destination

Some of the world’s most renowned travel publications have picked Colombia as a leading tourist destination.

Readers of the Lonely Planet guide, Wanderlust Travel magazine and the New York Times have each nominated Colombia as one of their favorite countries to travel to.

The country gained third place in the Lonely Planet’s list of preferred destinations, while a study by the New York Times found that readers voted Colombia their second favorite place to visit, behind Istanbul in Turkey.

Colombia was also recently awarded best “Emerging Destination” by Wanderlust Travel magazine at this year’s Destinations Show in London.

“Colombia is becoming fashionable in travel portfolios around the world, therefore recommendations such as these, coming from those travelers who have been here, are extremely important and convincing to those considering Colombia as a travel destination,” said the country’s Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism Guillermo Plata.

Plata attributed Colombia’s recent popularity to the large investments made in the tourism industry, improved security conditions within the country and recent campaigns such as that led by tourism agency Proexport, with the slogan; “Colombia: The only risk is wanting to stay.”

Plata added that this year, in addition to promoting international tourism to Colombia, the Ministry will also aim to encourage domestic tourism within the country.

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