Colombia requests fingerprints of Dutch guerrilla

Colombia has asked the Dutch government for fingerprints and dental records of Dutch FARC guerrilla Tanja Nijmeijer, in order to help identify a female body found in the camp where rebel commander “Mono Jojoy” died in a government airstrike, named “Operation Sodom.”

Nijmeijer was thought to be working as the personal assistant to Mono Jojoy.

Dutch and Colombian authorities do not believe that Nijmeijer, a.k.a. “Eileen” is among the dead, and the Dutch Foreign Ministry would not confirm the request for the dental records.

Colombian Defense Minister Rodrigo Rivera recently announced the recovery of a female body, but said that it did not appear to be the body of Nijmeijer.

Nijmeijer visited Colombia in 2000 to teach English, and became involved with the guerrilla organization. She returned to Colombia, and went to live in the jungle with the rebel group in 2002.

Operation Sodom has been celebrated in Colombia as a devastating blow to the FARC.

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