Colombian military kills ‘5 FARC guerrillas’

The Colombian military said Tuesday it has killed five FARC guerrillas and arrested five others — two of which children of 8 and 10 years old —  in combat in the northeast of the country.

The combat took place in Arauquita, a municipality on the border with Venezuela where the army was able to kill “Ivan,” the alleged leader of the FARC’s 10th front that is active on that part of the Venezuelan border.

According to the Army’s 8th Division’s commander, General Ernesto Maldonado, “this blow to the FARC means the neutralization of extortion in [the municipalities of] Arauca, Arauquita and Tame. At the same time it’s a direct blow to the finances of this front.”

The captured children were surrendered to Colombia’s child welfare institute.

Arauquita, Arauca


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