Colombia emerges as top medical tourism destination

As Colombia continues to grow as a medical tourism destination, representatives from medical institutions from all over the country are currently in Los Angeles, California attending a major health conference to promote their trade.

Organized by the World Medical Tourism Association, the conference will have over 2,000 attendees from over 60 countries around the world. Colombia will be sending 36 representatives from 19 different clinics, hospitals, and institutions.

The Colombian government has been promoting the country as a top destination to receive high quality treatments such as cosmetic surgery and dentistry at a reduced cost. Colombia is known for having one of the top health care systems in Latin America.

The government is working on alliances between the health sector and the hospitality industry in order to further promote Colombia as a destination for medical work. Spas and spa hotels plan to offer high grade services to clientele.

Ease of travel, low cost of care, and modern surroundings are major incentives for those traveling from North America, according to the author of Hidden Gem: A Guide to Surgical Tourism in Cartagena, Colombia.

Colombia’s reputation as a travel destination is steadily growing, with the government aggressively promoting the tourist sector.

According to the International Medical Travel Journal, many hospitals are in the process of receiving international accreditation, which they hope will attract more medical tourists.

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