Colombia market update – July 8, 2011

The Colcap index fell for the third straight day, though on very light volume of COP76.5 billion. Only two names showed gains, Canacol and AviancaTaca, both of whom have struggled mightily the past month. Canacol has the worst returns year to date with a decline of 37.04%.

Exports in May increased 31.9% y-o-y, led primarily by traditional exports of which oil represents the largest component and increased 67.0%. Gold exports increased 17.6%. Exports to the States saw an increase of 24.8% and those to Panama saw an increase of 67.6%. Exports from January to May were $22.03 billion, a 36.1% increase.

Car sales in the first half of the year were 158,217, a 47.8% increase over the first half of 2010. Sales in June specifically broke the record for the most ever in the summer month.

The peso is again nearing its resistance level around 1750 as it closed today at 1,760.45.

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