Colombia homicides drop 5% in 2011: Police

Colombia police said Monday that homicides dropped 5% in 2011 compared to the year before, reiterating that the country’s homicide rate is at its lowest since 1984.

Monday’s final report followed a preliminary report sent to the press on December 26 in which the police emphasized the record-low murder rate.

According to the official statistics, 14,746 Colombian died a violent death; 713 less than last year.

The police also stressed a 23% increase in homicide-related arrests. A total of 6,867 murder suspects were arrested. The police report did not say anything about how many of the suspects were prosecuted.

Since 2002, the State has been increasing its security presence and control in at-risk areas, which has been partially responsible for the decrease in homicides. The elimination of paramilitary groups like the AUC have also been attributed to the lower rates.

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