Colombia has its own Sesame Street

Colombia on Wednesday began broadcasting its own version of Sesame Street, arguably the most iconic children’s program in the history of television.

The Colombian version of the children’s TV show is produced by RCN, one of the country’s two commercial national broadcasters.

However, the network is not broadcasting its production. This is done on state-owned cable network Canal 13.

Its format will have a less generally educative purpose as in other countries; The series is sponsored by Colombia’s Information and Technology Ministry and aimed at educating children about the use of internet and other technologies.

Because of this, the series will be called “Sesame Street: Monsters on the web.”

Sesame Workshop, the producer of the show, “is excited to share everything about this world becoming more digital every day with Colombian families,” H. Melvin Ming, the CEO of Sesame Workshop was quoted as saying by newspaper El Espectador.


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