FARC blamed for bombing of coal train

(Photo: Vanguardia)

In another attack on Colombia’s energy infrastructure, alleged guerrilla fighters detonated an explosive device Tuesday, damaging a train carrying coal from the Carrejon open-pit mine in the northeast state of Guarija to a Bolivar Port on the nation’s Caribbean coast.

The attack resulted in the derailment of seven out of 123 railroad cars. No injuries or deaths were reported.

According to Carrejon, the bombing was the second attack on the train in ten days.

Carrejon condemned the attack, reporting that damage to the train and railway would hold up coal shipments from reaching the coast, as well as incur economic damages due to repair.

The attack on the train comes as guerrilla fighters have stepped up attacks on Colombia’s energy infrastructure. On Tuesday, guerrilla fighters also attacked petroleum operations and pipelines in the eastern state of Aruaca.

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According to newspaper El Colombiano, responsibility for the attack is being leveled at members of Colombia’s largest rebel group FARC who have just entered the 16th round of negotiations in peace talks with the government in Havana, Cuba.

There is no cease fire during the talks, which have been critcized for their slow pace. So far the only agreement has come on land reform; no agreements have yet been made on the issue of political participation, drug trafficking, the practicalities of the end of the armed conflict, and the rights of the victims.



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