Colombia golf tournament in talks with Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is likely to take part in a Colombia golf tournament in 2013, radio station Caracol reported Thursday.

According to the radio station, The Pacific Rubiales Open has advanced talks with the American golfer to take part in next year’s Pro-Am tournament.

The Pro-Am will be held in February and will mark the fourth edition of the tournament which turned professional last year after a campaign to bring more competitive tournaments to South America.

The tournament sees both amateur and a handful of professional golfers from the U.S. PGA circuit battling it out for the title on one of 20 courses in Bogota.

Colombia is seeing a rise in recognition when it comes to the sport after ex U.S. president Bill Clinton played against Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos in this years tournament as part of a fundraiser for the Clinton Foundation, however, for the stern-faced Woods the trip will defiantly be strictly business.

Tiger Woods is regarded one of the best golfers in the world with 14 majors under his belt, only 4 behind the great Jack Nicklaus.

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