Colombia and Europe to share criminal databases

Interpol President Mireille Ballestrazzi at the summit in Cartagena (Photo: Min Defensa)

Colombia and the European Union signed an agreement Monday to share information on organized crime, by allowing each other access to crime databases, according to Colombia’s Ministry of Defense.

The Ministry of Defense confirmed the agreement during an Interpol summit taking place in the Caribbean city of Cartegena, Colombia. The event is being attended by around 1500 delegates from police organizations representing 190 countries to discuss global security challenges, including issues such as drug trafficking, arms trafficking, terrorism, and border security.

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Following the agreement, members of the 28 European countries comprising the EU will now be granted access to Colombia’s crime databases, with Colombia in turn gaining access to those of the EU.

The Ministry of Defense confirmed the agreement through its Twitter account following a meeting with European police representatives, including Interpol president Mireille Ballestrazzi. The tweet read: “Agreement with Europol will allow us to consult the database of 28 European countries in real time.”



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