Colombia maintains ranking in global corruption index

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Colombia failed to improve its citizens’ perception of corruption over the past year, NGO Transparency International said Tuesday.

Latin America’s most corrupt countries

  1. Venezuela (20)
  2. Paraguay (24)
  3. Honduras (26)
  4. Guyana (27)
  5. Nicaragua (28)
  6. Guatemala (29)
  7. Argentina (34)
    Mexico (34)
    Bolivia (34)
  8. Panama (35)
    Ecuador (35)
  9. Colombia (36)
    Surinam (36)
  10. El Salvador (38)
    Peru (38)
  11. Brazil (42)
  12. Costa Rica (53)
  13. Chile (71)
    French Guyana (71)
  14. Uruguay (73)

In its annual global Corruption Perception Index, the anti-corruption NGO said Colombia occupied the 94th spot of 177 countries.

In Latin America, Colombia continued in the bottom half of the list countries in regards to corruption, occupying the 12th spot of 22 with Surinam.

The continent’s most corrupt country is Venezuela and the least corrupt is Uruguay which scored as high as the United States.

Colombia’s citizens gave their country a 36 out of 100 for the level of transparency displayed by their government. This number is the same as last year.

The stabilized perception of corruption contradicts a country study carried out by Transparency International earlier this year; In that study, citizens indicated that corruption had gotten worse over the past year.

MORE: Corruption in Colombia got worse, says vast majority in poll

At the beginning of his term in 2010, President Juan Manuel Santos made the fight against corruption one of the pillars of his four-year policy. According to polls however, citizens of the South American country failed to see significant improvement.


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