Colombia celebrates world water day

Colombia celebrates World Water Day Thursday, an annual event launched by the United Nations to call attention to the importance of water resources.

As a show of international unity, Colombia will join ten other countries in singing a “water song” for 15 minutes.

Event organizer Laura Moreno calls this “a song, real and conscious, which appreciates and apologizes to the planet’s waters.”

Within Colombia, events and ceremonies will take place at different bodies of water all over the country. Singers Hector Buitrago of the band Aterciopelados, and Catherine Salguero will headline the flagship event at the National Park of Bogota.

The event will also feature circus acts, film screenings, forums and conferences all around the theme of water.

Colombia has one of the largest fresh water supplies in the world but still more than four million Colombians do not have access to sufficient safe drinking water.

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