Colombia captures alleged money launderer on US Treasury wanted list

(Photo: 90 Minutos)

Authorities in Colombia have captured a fugitive who they say was a key frontman for now-extradited kingpin Daniel “El Loco” Barrera, local media reported on Sunday morning.

José Aguilar Duarte Lenoir was arrested in Bogota, accused of laundering offenses, providing front for illegal activities and the illicit enrichment of individuals.

Colombian authorities had in April 2013 announced 425 properties valued at about $25.5 million in total had been siezed, the documents of which contained Duarte’s signature and were linked to a company he owned.

The US Treasury has for years being seeking Duarte, who was wanted in connection with the operations of  Daniel Barrera Barrera and Pedro Oliveiro Guerrero Castillo, two of Colombia’s most wanted drug traffickers, who once operated primarily in the eastern plains of Colombia, between Bogota and the Venezuelan border, where they maintained a partnership with the FARC.

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Duarte is currently under guard in Bogota and he is expected to be extradited to the US to face charges.


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