Colombia criticizes Bolivia’s anti-drug efforts

Colombian Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin called on the Bolivian government Tuesday to help in the fight against drug trafficking.

In an effort to curtail the country’s drug trade, the Colombian government asked its Bolivian counterpart to aid in the fight against drugs.

“The truth is that we are not doing well with the fight against drugs,” said the Colombian minister.

According to Holguin, Bolivia’s efforts against combating drugs are “not entirely satisfactory,” as the Colombian cartels continue to expand into other national territories.

The foreign minister called for “stronger regional cooperation” in the fight against drugs due to the very “lamentable” fact that Colombian cartels were trying to enter and operate in countries like Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.

According to the Colombian minister, the drug cartels in the country are expanding across borders because they are not satisfied with their national position.

“As one country from the region has success, another one goes wrong, because it’s a global effect. Where one puts one foot, the pressure goes to the other side,” Holguin said.

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