Colombia armed forces sharpen offensive against rebel groups

(Photo: Ejercito Colombiano)

Through the creation of new command centers guerrilla supply zones, the acquisitions of new aircraft, increased pressure against drug trafficking in the South Pacific region, expansion of drone operations, and development of a “smart bomb,” the Colombian army hopes to further consolidate and expand gains made against rebel groups in an army offensive known as “Sword of Honor,” local media reported Thursday.

The ‘Sword of Honor’ is strategy developed in 2012 by the Colombian Armed Forces aimed at “reducing rebel capacity by 50 percent in two years.” The strategy entails a realignment of offensives in rebel territory and increased air presence in rebel zones to impede drug trafficking – a major source of rebel revenue.

The army told newspaper El Colombiano without specifying where, they will build new command centers in guerrilla rearguard . Already there are command centers in Nariño, Cauca, Guaviare, Putumayo, Nudo of Paramillo (between Antioquia and Cordoba), south of Tolima, Chocó, north of Santander and Arauca.

Air Force General Guillermo Leon, said the Army will also be deploying new transport and combat aircraft. He also said they developing a “smart bomb” that would “minimize collateral damage” and “economic costs” for civilian populations in rebel zones.

According to El Colombiano, the army cost Colombia $12.6 billion last year, making up 3.8 percent of the total GDP of the country.


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