Colombia April coffee production up 88% on-year

Colombia’s April coffee production is up 88% from the same period last year, at 647,000 bags, reports El Espectador.

These figures indicate a recovery in production thanks to good climate and a good level of fertilization.

The effects of the El Niño weather phenomenon were less severe this year and support from the National Federation of Coffee Growers is said to have helped increase the soil’s fertility.

According to the federation, coffee output will increase 6.1% in the first six months of the year to a total of 4.5 million bags, up from 4.24 million bags last year.

Colombia is the world’s second-largest supplier of mild-tasting Arabica beans after Brazil.

Exports of coffee beans in April fell 4% to 528,000 bags, from 550,000 last year.

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