Colombia and Ecuador reopen embassies

Colombia and Ecuador officially reopened diplomatic relations Monday with the reinstating of each other’s ambassadors in Bogota and Quito

Following the arrival of their new business negotiators and the reopening of the embassies in Bogota and Quito, both countries hope to return their relations to previous prosperity once they have overcome “sensitive issues” and appointed their new ambassadors, reported newspaper El Espectador.

On Monday Ecuador’s Charge d’Affaires, Andres Teran, will take up office in his country’s embassy in Bogota however, Colombia’s Foreign Ministry has yet to announce whether Teran will submit his accreditation note on Monday before their Foreign Minister, Jamie Bermudez.

An arduous 21 months have passed since Ecuador broke relations with Colombia after Colombian military bombed the FARC camp of ‘Raul Reyes’ on Ecuadorian soil without permission. The attack resulted in the deaths of some 26 people including the international spokesman of the FARC, alias Raul Reyes himself.

The Colombian government has also not yet revealed who it intends to appoint as ambassador to Ecuador.

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