Colombia aims to increase drug crime punishments

The Colombian government is looking to increase the severity of punishment for drug crimes in a proposal to upgrade the country’s criminal policy on drugs.

The Ministry of Justice has prepared the bill which is designed to be a “road map” against drug trafficking and drug use in the country.

The proposal included strict punishment for people who are caught with more than the legally allowed maximum amount of drugs. The penalty would be a fine of up to $1,113 and three months of social work.

The new National Drug Statute also imposes between 4 and 12 years imprisonment for anyone selling illicit drugs to minors.

For the first time the law would expressly prohibit the sale of inhalants (e.g. glue type “Boxer”) to minors. It is thought that these substances will have the same kind of restrictions on sale that applies to cigarettes and alcohol.

While being legal, glue is a common drug among street children.

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