Coalition agrees to Uribe’s 2014 re-election

Coalition parties agree to approve the bill that will allow Colombian
President Álvaro Uribe to be re-elected in 2014, newspaper El
Espectador reported Tuesday

The bill, as approved by the Uribistas, is likely to also receive the support of opposition party Liberal Party.

The only hick-up is the lack of clarification of how the referendum was financed. The opposition is threatening to adjourn the debate, after Registrate president Carlos Ariel Sánchez and National Electoral Council president Juan Pablo Cepero refused to repond to the opposition call to explain the financing of the referendum.

The opposition wants to know who paid for the referendum after news broke that one of the sponsors was suspected pyramid scheme and money launderer DMG.

Polo Democrático now refuses to continue the plenary session until the two officials respond to the call to explain.

Colombia’s Attorney general announced Tuesday he will investigate the financial support for the referendum.

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