How a former CIA agent broke up a Colombian child prostitution ring

(Still: ABC Nightline)

ABC’s Nightlife followed a group of concerned US citizens dedicated to breaking international child prostitution rings. In 15 minutes, the mini documentary shows how the group organizes a sex party only to arrest the human traffickers delivering underage prostitutes.

“Operation Underground Railroad,” an operation with the name derived from a 19th century US scheme to free slaves, hit Cartagena, one of the main spots for child prostitution in Colombia.

The US activists, supported by Colombia’s prosecution office, got together more than 100 prostitutes, the majority minors, for a fictitious bachelor’s party.

Once money has changed hands with one of the five traffickers, an American citizen, police breaks up the party and arrest the alleged traffickers.

Social workers arrived to attend to the minors.

According to ABC, the group will be the subject of a movie, The Abolitionists, again referring to the 19th century movement that south the liberty of black Americans.

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