Chavez to broadcast Alo Presidente over Colombia border

The Venezuelan municipality of Ureña will install a repeater antenna in order to transmit President Hugo Chavez’ Alo Presidente and other Bolivarian programs to neighboring Colombia. 

Ureña mayor Nelson Becerra busied himself carrying out President Chavez’ instructions to spread the Venezuelan government’s Bolivarian message inside Colombia.

The repeater antenna will send a free television signal to Cucuta and other Colombian towns bordering Venezuela. 

Ureña is a few minutes ride from the Colombian city of Cucuta. Through the new antenna, the Venezolana de Televison signal will reach more than one million Colombians living in the department of Norte de Santander.

The antenna will be in full operation within two months.

Chavez, amid a diplomatic crisis with Colombia over the planned expansion of U.S. military in Colombia, announced earlier this week he seeks new ways to distribute his “revolutionary” message to the Colombian people. Colombian denounced this as ‘meddling’ before the Organization of American States.




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