Cerro Matoso mine to restart talks, says union

“The company has invited us, in writing, to meet tomorrow afternoon to restart contract talks,” said Roger Herrera, president of the Sintracerromatoso union representing Cerro Matoso workers. The mine, owned by BHP Billiton, has been paralyzed by a strike since Feb. 27 as employees demand higher pay, better safety conditions and less use of outside contractors. “We hope the company improves its offer, allowing us to reach a new two-year contract,” Herrera told Reuters. The mine, located in the northern province of Cordoba, produces 55,000 tonnes of ferronickel annually. The supply interruption caused by the work stoppage has supported global nickel prices. A company official close to the situation, but who asked not to be named, confirmed that management plans to restart talks on Wednesday with union workers.

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