Cartagena seizes biggest drug haul of 2010

One and a half tons of cocaine and two tons of marijuana were seized in Cartagena on Monday in what was the Caribbean coast’s biggest drugs haul of the year so far.

The operation was carried out in three separate busts around the city by prosecution investigators in conjunction with the navy.

The first came from a roadblock checkpoint in El Bosque neighbourhood, where a 35-year-old man was caught with four suitcases containing 95 kg of marijuana.

Authorities then found 42 ready-to-export bundles of cocaine and three bags of cannabis inside a van in a nearby building.

A man was also arrested in a house in Henequen neighbourhood with 25 large packages of marijuana.

This is 2010’s heaviest blow to drug trafficking gang, Los Paisas, who had half a ton of marijuana seized earler in the year.

The navy has so far seized a total of five tons of cocaine and three tons of marijuana in the Cartagena region this year.

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