Cali soccer teams to play doubleheader for Haiti

Cali‘s two soccer teams are planning two matches at the Pascual Guerrero stadium on January 26 in order to benefit earthquake victims in Haiti.

Fans of local teams America and Deportivo de Cali can watch their favorite teams play two matches to benefit earthquake victims. Soccer supporters can also bring non-perishable food items to the match to be donated to earthquake survivors in Haiti by the Red Cross.

The double-header will begin at 6 PM with a match between a local team from Aguablanca and Cortulua, and end with a match between America and Cali.

The Ministry of Sports and Recreation announced that local actors and musicians such as Marlon Moreno, Fernando Solorzano, Jimmy Zaa and Element Black will also be performing during the afternoon before the game in solidarity with the people of Haiti.

Ticket prices will range between COP7,000 and COP30,000. Funds collected from the game will be donated to social projects in Haiti.

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