Cali more violent than Medellin: Global violence index

Cali surpasses Medellin as Colombia’s most dangerous city in a Mexican study comparing violence worldwide.

World’s most violent cities

  1. San Pedro Sula (Honduras)
  2. Juarez (Mexico)
  3. Macelo (Brazil)
  4. Acapulco (Mexico)
  5. Capital District (Honduras)

Colombia’s most violent cities

  1. Cali
  2. Medellin
  3. Cucuta
  4. Pereira
  5. Barranquilla

According to the study by Mexican research group “Seguridad, Justicia y Paz,” Cali is world’s 11th most ciolent city and Medellin is the world’s 14th most violent city.

Last year, Medellin occupied the 10th position in the ranking, while Cali was the world’s 13th most violent city based on homicide rates.

Despite its rise in the index, Cali did see 0.45 percentage point drop in homicide rate which reached 77.9. Medellin saw its homicide rate drop spectacularly from 87.42 to 70.32.

For the first time in years, Mexico’s Juarez is no longer the world’s most violent city. This dubious honor now belongs to San Pedro Sula in Honduras, which has a homicide rate of 158.87 per 100,000 inhabitants.

The United States’ most violent city is New Orleans, according to the study.

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