Crime and security in Cali

(Image credit: President's Office)

Cali, Colombia’s third largest city, has traditionally been one of the country’s most violent because of its strategic location for drug trafficking and infighting between local gangs.

Insecurity perception

Cali’s recent dropping homicide rate does not seem to affect the security perception of all residents, particularly in the south where many feel insecure inside their own neighborhood.

Source: Cali Como Vamos

Cali homicide rate

The complex and resilient criminal structures in the city have made it a major challenge for Cali authorities to significantly lower the city’s homicide rates.

Homicides per district

Most of Cali’s homicides take place in the so-called Aguablanca area, a number of impoverished and neglected districts in the east of the city.

Source: Cali Security Observatory

Street Robberies in Cali

While the cartel and gang-related violence traditionally receives most attention in the media, street crime is one of the most common forms of delinquency that affects people the most. While armed robberies have gone up in all Colombia’s large cities in 2017, Cali’s increase in violent street crime has been highest.

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