Bullfighter gored 2,457 times returns to ring

A popular Colombian bullfighter has returned to the ring, three years after receiving life threatening injuries to his body and face.

Luis Gumercindo Cuadrado, better known as “Kaliman,” made his first bullfighting appearance since 2008 on Thursday, in the Sincelejo bullfight, reports Caracol.

“Kaliman” returned because of a religious promise that he made after surviving his horrific mauling at the hands, or horns to be more accurate, of a bull.

The 53 year old had initially announced his retirement after being gored 56 times and launched repeatedly into the air by the bull’s horns. Over the course of his 37 year career he has accumulated 2,457 punctures to his body, something he proudly displays like another one of his trophies.

His supportive wife, who claimed to be “not worried” before the event, will nevertheless have been pleased that Thursday’s event passed without major incident, as would be his 17 children.

Readers can view the 2008 incident, captured on local television, but be warned that the content is not for those of a light disposition.

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